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Stepped Care 2.0 involves system transformation and development across multiple sectors that have traditionally functioned independently. Not surprisingly, this means that SC2.0 is complicated and often difficult for stakeholders to grasp. I am always looking for ways to translate the knowledge we are accumulating through co-design and implementation in varied contexts. The document above was first published in my November 1, 2018 post. It is one vehicle that might help people access, from the menus, the kind of information they are looking for without getting overwhelmed by details. The idea was to give people on this site the same kind of experience we are hoping clients, providers and decision makers will have with SC2.0 – one where users get the right thing, at the right time, in the right context and in the right modality. Because this will always be a moving target and different in different settings: 1) the PowerPoint above is a living document; 2) we will require lots of other creative efforts at knowledge translation and mobilization, and co-design. We are working on developing a short animated video that illustrates the principles of SC2.0 and shows a variety of treatment pathways. We have engaged a creative team that knows how to do this better than folks like me who are more clinically and academically oriented. Stayed tuned. Better yet, join us in the creative process by making comments or submitting a guest blog post to me!