CIHR Transitions in Care Team Grant $1.144 M. This fully funded CHIR TiC Stream 2 Team project is aimed at developing and evaluating a stepped care e-MH platform, designed to host and manage a suite of established e-MH solutions, through a 2-arm parallel-group, non-randomized, TAU controlled, staged pragmatic trial. Our e-health partner, Greenspace, is an SME with an established customer base in mental health outcomes monitoring and ready to adapt their system to manage SC2.0 implementation and evaluation to a minimum of level-9 with our two provincial health partners (Ministries of Health within Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador) within the one-year proposed development phase of the four year trial.

Healthy Minds Nova Scotia $600K. This project is aimed at implementing a suite of five eMH tools in post-secondary institutions across the Province of Nova Scotia. It is funded by the NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education and intended to supply equitable access to resources that can help all NS post-secondary institutions to implement stepped care.

Mental Health Commission of Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Stepped Care 2.0 e-Mental Health Demonstration Project $295 K. This two-year project was aimed at implementing a suite of eMH tools within the context of Stepped Care 2.0 and other system transformations underway through Newfoundland and Labrador’s Towards Recovery strategy. A final report on this demonstration project will be made public in September 2019.

Medavie AAU Healthy Campus Coordinator $180 K. This project was funded by the Medavie Health Foundation and is being administered by the Atlantic Association of Universities for post-secondary institutions across all four Atlantic provinces. It funds a coordinator position aimed at promoting knowledge translation and mobilization among partner institutions.

CIHR SPOR Collaborative “Stepping Up Care” $80 K. This project involves a qualitative study of the first application of Stepped Care 2.0 at Memorial University of Newfoundland. It involves interviews and focus groups for both students (clients of the program) and providers aimed at understanding their experience of the existing program in Phase 1. Phase 2 involves co-design by clients and providers of adaptations informed by a critical analysis of Phase 1 data. Phase 3 will identify possible technical supports for enhancing access and scaling the program.

FRAYME Youth Hubs Stepped Care Focus Groups $30 K. This project involves the development of a Stepped Care 2.0 explainer video that will initially be used in focus groups conducted with patients at integrated youth wellness hubs in Ontario and British Columbia. The video will be adapted for multi-use to drive knowledge translation and mobilization among stakeholders interested in implementing the SC2.0 model.