Think Outside the Toolbox!

Through a community of practice, we have potential for developing new strategies, protocols and resources for improving mental health outcomes. With growing demand for¬†mental health support, necessity is the mother of invention. We are just starting to create tools and resources that we hope will help practitioners to implement Stepped Care 2.0. But it’s a work in progress. Resources will be added as they are developed and updated following user feedback. Please share any tools that you are developing that help providers to practice the principles of the model. Of course, you will be credited with authorship. In particular, we see the need for resources that will assist with messaging the model, shifting the paradigm towards a strengths focus, engaging in e-mental health, supporting rapid access, improving outcomes, and moving from reliance on evidence-based techniques to practice-based evidence. Here are some of the resources:

Training videos: We have recorded a series of videos illustrating some aspects of SC2.0, including single session interviewing, stepped care system intake / assessment, e-mental health coaching, very brief work at step 7, and creative case management.

Stepped Care 2.0 programming template: This is designed for you to organize existing programming according to the 9 steps. You can also specify programs you plan to develop or would like to see in the future.

Wellness plan: Sometimes we refer to this as a behavioural prescription form. It is a carbon copy form that allows you to specify the programming offered to a client according to the 9 steps. Clients receive a copy or take a picture. The yellow copy is kept for scanning to the record.

Note template: This is one suggestion for guiding treatment planning in keeping with Stepped Care 2.0.