1. Stepped Care 2.0 on Ontario Campuses – October 2018: Plenary Panel at the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health conference. Implementation experiences at Georgian College, Algonquin College and the University of Windsor.
  2. SC2.0 The Basics, November 2018 – small communities; med/large communities – An introduction to SC2.0
  3. Progress Monitoring in SC2.0, December 2019 – small communities; med/large communities. Overview of stepping decisions using progress monitoring with guest, graduate student Brad Yetman.
  4. Single Session Walk-in in Context of SC2.0 – A conversation with single session experts, Drs. Heather Hair and Monte Bobele on the relevance of single session principles for access and ongoing care in SC2.0.  Small communities; med/large communities. Please note, Dr. Bobele joined the small communities CoP, but was unable to join the large communities CoP.