Stepped Care 2.0 Implementation Study Published in APA’s Psychological Services

Please see our report on the implementation of Stepped Care 2.0 both in Canada and the US in APA’s Psychological Services Journal. The article describes implementation experiences of clients, staff and administrators as well as early outcomes indicating that the model eliminates wait times while improving access.

2 thoughts on “Stepped Care 2.0 Implementation Study Published in APA’s Psychological Services”

  1. Privacy often comes up as a barrier within institutions. How does your stepped care model facilitate confidential information sharing to eliminate risk/accommodate the right service, right time with right people.

    1. All clients entering into our clinic settings are provided with information on our model and the limits of confidentiality required by law. They are also informed of our circle of care and how, when and why information will be shared within that circle of care. At Memorial University we have two separate electronic records for medical and non-medical care, limiting access to detailed information. Also within each electronic record system we have established layers of access restricting client information to those who need to know. Peer supporters do not have access to any records. Anyone working within clinic setting including support staff, peer supporters and trainees must pass a privacy course and sign an oath of confidentiality.

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