Stepped Care 2.0 provides rapid, same day, flexible access to wellness and mental health resources. The approach is aimed at empowering patients to maximize and manage their own health to the best of their ability. Patients making a first visit are seen on a walk-in basis usually within an hour. This rapid access is important since early intervention is key to preventing more serious health and mental health conditions.

Stepped care 2.0 was developed at Memorial University of Newfoundland. It offers the lowest level of intervention intensity warranted by the initial and ongoing assessments. It integrates a range of established and emerging online mental health programs systematically along dimensions of treatment intensity and associated student autonomy. Treatment intensity can be either stepped up or down depending on the level of patient distress or need. Stepped Care 2.0 takes the UK model and the re-imagined model described by O’Donahue and Draper (2011) and extends it to health and mental health promotion and illness prevention activities, otherwise referred to as healthy communities action. Programs can be selected and arranged based on intensity, cost and level of engagement. The model becomes a useful heuristic for administrative decision making as well as community collaboration. At Memorial University we have developed a 8-step model of wellness service care and management with potential for electronic medical record integration and commercialization.